25 Kg Bag of Certified Seed Potatoes

25 Kg Bag of Certified Seed Potatoes

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25 Kg Bag of certified seed potatoes, packed in a cardboard box and delivered to your door (postcode restrictions apply). Please choose from the following varieties:

British Queen - Early, floury

Duke of York - Early, floury

Vitabella (Blight Resistant) - Early, firm cooking

Colleen - Early, waxy

Lucera - Second Early, salad

Shetland Black - Second Early, floury

Arran Victory - Maincrop, floury

Charlotte - Early, salad

Damask - Maincrop, floury

Foxton - Maincrop, floury

Kerr's Pink - Maincrop, floury

Maris Piper - Maincrop, floury

Mayan Gold - Maincrop, floury

Navan - Maincrop, floury

Red King Edward - Maincrop, floury

Red Emmalie - Maincrop, red flesh

Sarpo Kifli - Maincrop, salad